PLA disposable tableware is made from the fast-growing corn plant. Starch from corn, among other things, now serves as a bio-based raw material for the production of our PLA disposable tableware. Because PLA disposable dishes are 100% compostable, the product can be used as a feed for new crops according to the cradle to cradle principle after use. PLA disposable tableware is taste neutral, oil, moisture and freezer resistant, suitable for use up to 40 ° C and has a clear, transparent appearance. Our PLA disposable tableware is certified for food contact and compostability according to EN13432.

We can also offer you various products, including PLA drinking cups - wineglass model, PLA drinking straws and PLA salad bowls.

PLA drinking cups can also be printed.

champagneglas 100ml PLA
Onze PLA champagneglazen zijn vochtbestendig, helder transparant, stevig, flexibel en 100% composteerbaar. Deze PLA champagneglazen wegwerps
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