BE O Bottle most durable water bottle with 1 color printing

BE O Bottle

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BE O Bottle

BE O bottle: water bottles with a mission and 1 color printing
Surprise your customers with a BE O bottle water bottle! A sustainable water bottle with a mission.
BE O strives for a world where people are aware of the environment in which we are actively reducing the amount of disposable plastic waste.

BE O bottle is the perfect way to communicate your brand, you can choose from 2 colors.
Refillable water bottles printed with your logo, an original and socially responsible give away.

Actively contribute to a sustainable and clean environment.
Inspire your customers in a responsible way and communicate the message of sustainable living with the BE O brand!
Perfect as a gift, promotional item or for use in the workplace.

BE O is changing the plastic industry by developing products from renewable materials such as sugar cane, elephant grass, cassava and algae. BIOPLASTIC!
The BE O bottles are made from residual materials of Brazilian sugar cane. The sugar cane is first used for sugar and bioethanol.
The bottles are made from the remainder. The water bottles are colored with natural pigments. (transparent white or black)

Make the world sugar-sweet and oil-free.
With printed BE O water bottles, your company speeds up the transition to the new, good plastic. For every BE O bottle sold, a tree is planted by Trees for the Future.

Benefits of a BE O bottle
Refillable, 500 ml content
Three separate parts, so easy to clean
Dishwasher safe up to 65 ° C
Suitable for water and cold drinks, soft drinks, fruit lemonade and alcoholic drinks below 13%
Free from BPA & other chemicals
No plastic odor & taste
Food safe
100% recyclable
Modular, therefore, takes up less space when empty
Available in 2 colors; black and white

What are the materials used?

Bottle and cap: BIO-HDPE (BIO-High Density Polyethylene)
Center ring: BIO-TPE (BIO-Thermoplastic Elastomer)
Ring cap: BIO-TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
Natural color pigments
The BE O is the ideal drinking bottle for tap water and is designed to reduce the amount of disposable bottles.
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Minimum order from: 40 pieces.

All prices of the BE O Bottle are Exclusive of the set-up costs (€ 55.00 per color) and include 1 color printing and exclusive of VAT and shipping costs.

Price changes reserved.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and shipping costs.

Price changes reserved.

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960 € 8.52 € 1,536.00
1200 € 8.12 € 2,400.00
1440 € 7.95 € 3,124.80
1920 € 7.54 € 4,953.60
2400 € 6.93 € 7,656.00

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