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Wooden Bio coin smiley Embossed

Wooden Bio coin smiley Embossed

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Wooden Bio coin smiley Embossed

1000 Wooden Bio mint smiley Embossed with embossed smiley on two sides.

The wooden coins consist of wood fibers and resin and are produced through a special production process.
This results in a personalized payment currency according to the MDF principle.
Our raw materials for these tokens are 100% natural products.
Wooden coins are therefore fully biodegradable by nature.

We print or engrave the wooden pennies with your texts, logos and photos on both sides.
This gives you the opportunity to personalize the consumption coins of your choice.
Also a hole or letter through the coin is possible
The Wooden bio coins are 100% biodegradable in nature.

Delivery time: 10-15 days

With the numbers,
1 = 1,000 sts. coins
3 = 3,000 sts. coins
6 = 6,000 sts. coins, etc ...


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€ 140,00

Quantity Price You saved
1 € 140.00 € 0.00
3 € 126.00 € 42.00
6 € 115.00 € 150.00
10 € 105.00 € 350.00

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Raw material 100% Natuurlijke grondstoffen( houtvezels en hars)
Origin Afval Houtindustrie

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